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From the pyramids of the Egyptian desert to the peaks of the endurance sports landscape, Omar Nour has charted an improbable path in his quest to fulfilling an unthinkable dream: to become the first Egyptian triathlete in Olympic history.


Born in Cairo, Egypt, Nour and his family moved to Europe where he received an international education in Lausanne, Switzerland. Fluent in Arabic, French and English, and conversant in German, Nour thrived in the cross-cultural environment, and upon graduation, he enrolled at The Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland. With a triple major and a pre-med concentration, he intended to go to medical school, but after a series of successful business ventures, he found himself as a thriving entrepreneur and living life in the fast lane.


By his own admission, Nour felt something was missing. After ripping two suits getting into his car, the then-overweight Nour jumped into a local triathlon only to cross the finish line short of breath, but long on enthusiasm. After recommitting himself to a healthier, more-balanced lifestyle, Nour lost over 70lbs and quickly climbed through the age group ranks, winning not only his division, but placing in the top of the overall race finishers. With the encouragement of his brother, Diaa, and buoyed by the confidence of his rapidly improving results, Nour turned pro for the 2010 ITU season.  In early 2012, Nour relocated to Boulder, Colorado to train with U.S. Coach, Neal Henderson, and his Apex Coaching Elite Squad.  Henderson is well known in the cycling and triathlon communities for turning good into great, and champions into Olympians.  


In a constant quest for excellence, Nour began swimming with Hamilton Aquatics in the UAE, under world-renowned coach, Chris Tidey.  After slashing minutes off of his swimming times, Nour made a game-changing decision.  He based himself in the UAE to continue to build up his swim.  Since that decision, Nour has seen incredible improvement, has scored Egypt's first ITU points, secured a world ranking and continues to gain confidence racing.  All eyes are focused on making his dream of being the first Egyptian Triathlete in Olympic History, a reality.


Now with his first four full years under his belt as a professional triathlete, Nour has cultivated key partnerships within the U.A.E, the United States and globally.  His presence is especially growing within the Middle East (ME) where he has formed long-term strategic relationships with both health and lifestyle brands.  He has signed a 4+ year deal as the ambassador of Activelife, Daman Health Insurance's health and lifestyle initiative, with a reach of over 2.5 million in the U.A.E.  His brand and reputation have become well-known throughout the Middle East and his story has inspired many to make healthy lifestyle changes and set personal goals.  Globally, he is widely viewed as one of the most conversant, marketable commodities in all of endurance sports and his meteoric rise throughout the amateur ranks has been met with steady progression of professional race results as well. 


The Nour brothers recently sold their company, Tot Solutions, which was a thriving telecommunications and call center business.  The brothers were Executive Producers of independent film, The Lifeguard, featuring Kristen Bell, which received nomination for Sundance Film Of The Year in 2013.  Together, the brothers continue to have a keen interest in entrepreneurial ventures and creative projects that expand their portfolio and versatility.  


One thing is for certain, Nour is a one of a kind, and if his professional progression continues, the road to the

Olympics is o.n.!



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